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InfoSparks FAQ’s


Why can’t I get the tool’s numbers to match my own personal MLS search?
If you do your own data pulls from your MLS system, you may see differences. These differences can often be attributed to variations in search criteria, our data-scrubbing methods, or different data pull dates or times.

How do you account for potential data errors?
We utilize a special data-scrubbing elimination algorithm to “purify” data. For example, if an agent accidentally entered a sales price of $77,777,777, we assume that the agent had a busy day with lots of showings and fell asleep on the keyboard. Similarly, an entry of 1,800,000 total finished square feet seems a little high, so it gets scrubbed out.

How often is your data updated?
Data for a new month is released on the first of every month at 4:00 am Central Time. Updates to all (including historical) data are performed each night to reflect any changes made to the underlying MLS data.

If I embed a chart on my website or blog, how long will that remain active?
Charts are active for specified number of days based on MLS subscription status and chart visitorship. For information on timeframes for embedded charts, see the Share section of this User Manual.

How can I share the actual numbers along with the charts?
There are multiple ways to share the numbers. Sharing any type of live data will display the numbers on line charts with mouseover or touch selection. If you share a bar chart, the numbers are right there on the screen, so that’s a good thing. Sharing the CSV option will give you a rudimentary set of numbers in table format based on the geographic, housing variable and time parameters you have set. You’ll need to add formatting such as dollar signs and commas to CSV output, but CSV is a great option to see numbers if you have even basic ability with spreadsheet software. Some users have asked why they can’t print the Quick Facts to the right of the chart area. It’s a separate element from the Share function, so if you want to turn the visible Quick Facts into a shareable image, screen capture is your best option.

What is live data vs. frozen data?
You may notice that numbers seem to shift from month to month. For example, something that said 1,000 sales for a January report might say 1,023 sales for January in a February update. This is because InfoSparks is constantly “updating history.” Instead of freezing the data and reporting only that number at a single given point in time, it is refreshed on a regular basis, reporting the most current numbers available in the MLS. This accounts for the reality of an ever-changing market and catches important edits to previously accounted for data. (For example, a sale will be removed if the deal collapses.)

Are there any common browser or operating system issues?
The tool will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher). Avoid using your browser’s “Back” button or arrow. It will take you out of the tool. If you want to go back to the first “page” of the tool, delete all areas.

How many data combinations can this tool create?
The number of possible graphs is about 4 * 10^19 per metric per location or 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 (40 quintillion!) per location per metric.

That takes care of all of your questions, right? If not, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 970-240-1600.

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