Welcome to CREN MLS! We are excited to have you on board with us. This overview of the CREN Paragon System will assist our new members with getting started. CREN MLS has created a New Member Starter Series with our new members in mind.

CREN MLS also gives FREE basic paragon training webinars for our new members, or for anyone who needs to refresh their memory. Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars with a LIVE CREN MLS trainer by clicking the image below:








New Members: 10 Minute Lesson Plan

1:41 mins


3:05 mins
1:47 mins


1:40 mins

1:31 mins
In the Beginning Overview – This video shows you what website to go to, how to login, and the first things you should do.
Explore Search – Explore all the different ways you can search in Paragon and how to customize it to only have fields that would benefit you most.
Saved Search with Auto-Notify – Learn how you can set-up your client on a saved search with auto-notification!
Customize Reports – Learn how to customize your reports to make your spreadsheets more useful to you when pulling results.
Adding New Listings – We go over how to add a new listing in the CREN Paragon System and even go over auto-fill.