Pulling comparables has been one of the most common questions I’ve been getting. In this article, I cover a couple different ways you can try to find out what your preference is or what is better for your work flow. I would like to mention before we get started is pulling comparables for a property with high acreage and “in the middle of nowhere” or “off the grid” won’t pull any results. OK… you can watch the full tutorial video below, or you can start reading the step-by-step underneath the video. Let’s get started!


Way #1: Realist

CREN MLS has integrated Realist Tax Search within the Paragon system for your benefit. This would be a great example of one of those benefits! Any results you pull up will be of all listings recorded with the Tax Records, not just the MLS.


  • First, click on Tax > Realist  – Tax Search.






-If you know the address or owner name:

  • Make sure the county is correct at the top. If it isn’t, click on ‘Change Region’ and bring in the county you are working in. Then fill out the address or the owner name > Click Search

















  • When the property suggestions pop up, check the box of the correct property > Click Search button









  • From here, double click the listing in the Grid or highlight it on the Map and click on the ‘View Reports’ icon.













  • When Reports come up, click on the Comparables tab:







  • It is defaulted to show 12 months back. If you want to narrow this down to only show you Comparables for 6 months back, then click on the Modify button on the bottom of the page > Search








  • Scroll down to Search Time Period and change it from 12 to 6 months back> Save and Submit to save changes every time, or click Submit to make this change just for this one time:












That’s it! Then it will pull up all the comparables.


-If you don’t know the owner name or address…


  • On the right-hand side of the map, click on Drawing Tools. That’s the pencil. Choose a drawing tool. Common tool to use is the Polygon Tool.








  • Draw around the area of preference:









  • Narrow down the criteria (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, etc…). If there’s a field you want to use that isn’t displaying, then click on the ‘Edit Attributes’ button and bring in the fields you want:


















  • Search button when finished to pull results.




















Way #2: Paragon Map Search



  • Click on the Search Icon > Mapping








  • Click on the Draw button and choose what drawing tool you want to use.














  • Draw around the area of preference > Then click on the Add To Criteria button












  • Then narrow down your search by adding criteria to fields you want to compare with > Click Search button to pull results.