We all know how important Saved Searches are, and to have your clients set-up on auto notifications will keep them updated with what’s new on the market matching their search criteria. So let’s get started!



  • In Paragon, click on the Contacts Icon > View/Manage Contacts






  • Click on the name of the contact you are currently setting up a Saved Search for.




  • On the left-hand side, open up the Search Activity folder > +Add Search







  • Add New Saved Search






  • Select Class





  • Enter in all the search criteria your client is interested in. If they want to be emailed the search results, click on SEARCH.
    (NOTE: Saving a saved search will only email your client new listings that come on the market, it won’t email them listings that already exist in the market. So bringing up the search results will allow you to email them what is already on the market, and setting up the auto-notify will email them NEW listings)











  • Select the listings you want to email to your client by checking the boxes. They will highlight green when they’ve been selected. Then click the e-mail button and compose your e-mail.








  • After your e-mail has been sent, click the green ‘Save Search’ button.







  • Edit Search Name if you want it named something else > Click the Save button






  • Under Notification Options, change it from OFF to E-mail Notification.










  • Your E-Mail Notification Options will pop-up. Here you will set-up your preferences on what you want to be e-mailed to your client every time it e-mails them a new listings/price change (or whatever notification type you select). They will receive the same message and subject every time. You can even choose what result view you want sent out. When finished, click the OK button.












We hope this helps, contact CREN MLS if you have any additional questions about this!