Making the decision to want to start using Client Connect in Paragon can be an intimidating one. Questions start arising: “Where do I start?” and “What exactly is Client Connect?“. Then you start to realize… Is it getting hot in here? No need to fear, CREN MLS is here! I’m going to separate this process into different steps for the sake of simplicity. After all, isn’t that what we’re all after?

Your First 5 Steps:


1. First things first! Design how you want your Client Connect Sites to look. To do this, walk through the Client Connect Wizard. Click on the Preferences tab at the top > Client Connect Preferences Wizard.





2. Your FIRST option, is to click the Start Button and complete all the steps.






3. If you already completed this at one time, then your SECOND option, is to go to the Preferences tab at the top > Client Connect






4. You can edit sections individually by choosing what you want to change/update from the left-hand side.








5. Once you have set-up how you want your Client Connect sites to look, it’s time to attach a client!


Next, Set-up a Saved Search for your Client:


1. Now we are going to create a search for your client and attach it to a Client Connect site. Click on Contacts > View/Manage Contacts







2. Click on the name of your client.





3. Open up the Search Activity folder then click on +Add Search






4. Click on Add New Saved Search






5. Select a Class






6. Fill out the criteria based on what your client is looking for then click on Save > Save Search










Last, Attach Client Connect to your Client


1. Under Notification Options, change the bullet point from Off to Client Connect with Auto-Notify.

  1. 12-changetoclientconnect











2. Go through and approve the listings you want displayed on the Client Connect Site.






3. Site Configuration is where you will be able to set auto-notifications on or off, and set-up your notification settings and Client Connect Preferences.






4. When you’re done setting everything up, then click the ‘Send Link’ button to email your client. You will be able to compose your e-mail before sending it.





5. To view what your client will see, click on the ‘View Site’ button under Site Information. This is a LIVE preview, so anything you click will be live. Example: If you reject a listing, it will reject it for your client.






Helpful Tips


  • On the Paragon Homepage, you will see a widget on the right-hand side that says Contact Activity. When there has been new activity on the Client Connect site, you will see a number next to New Activity.








  • Click on the ‘New Activity’ number for a quick-view of all the new activity.